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Water Play Bundle (2-Pack) image

Water Play Bundle (2-Pack)

$194.95($204.90 value)

Giant Bubbles image

Giant Bubbles


Basketball Catapult image

Basketball Catapult

$17.95$24.95 28% off

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Bake-a-Cake Stand Mixer image

Bake-a-Cake Stand Mixer


Armadillo Bowling Set image

Armadillo Bowling Set


Solar Lantern image

Solar Lantern


Wind Chimes image

Wind Chimes


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Save Time with Play Kits for Preschoolers

Our play kits help 3 to 6 year olds to explore their creativity and curiosity, all while saving time for busy parents. It's tough to come up with unique play ideas for little ones, so our play kits come complete with interesting projects, easy-to-follow instructions, and all of the materials needed to create something awesome and memorable.

Each of these projects is designed to ensure that kids are getting the most out of every experience. Each project has a different theme, and builds kids' creative confidence while sparking their inspiration for new skills such as music, art, and biology.

Best of all, you won't need to head to the store for more craft sticks and paint. These play kits bring hands-on fun right to your door!