Ages 3+

Armadillo Bowling Set


Dig into science with this cuddly armadillo — that doubles as a bowling ball! Roll it up and knock down soft cactus pins, which you can decorate with colorful flowers. Practice math by keeping score and trying the math and pattern bowling challenges! Then explore the world of armadillos and some of their awesome adaptations. Arm yourself with knowledge about all kinds of armored animals, from pangolins to pillbugs to plated dinosaurs!



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    Diane S


    This is such a cute game. My kids 2.5 & 8 both enjoy "bowling" & playing catch with the armadillo ball, & decorating the cacti with the flowers is a lot of fun.



    This would be fun for younger children but the child who chose it selected it because he likes armadillos. He was disappointed a book about armadillos didn’t come with it as it does with his subscription.



    My son loves this! Only wish is that we could add more cacti.



    A very cute kit and exactly what we were looking for as we were studying armored animals. My daughter (age 4) loves it and is still playing with it, 3 weeks later! The included poster is also very informative.

    Beakers and Bugs


    The little ones are going to love it! Really cute idea!



    Fun project and play time

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