Ages 5+

Solar Lantern


Light up the dark with solar power! Build a wooden lantern with a solar-powered tea light in the center, then place it in the sun to charge up the light. At night, the lantern will turn itself on automatically, using solar energy to glow. Plus, learn more about solar energy and where you can see it at work in the world.

Why it’s awesome

  1. blueprint drawing of solar lantern

    Power of the sun

    Explore solar energy and how it charges up your lantern’s tealight.

  2. kid playing with solar lantern

    Made to last

    Sturdy wooden pieces make the lantern easy to carry on adventures.

What’s included?

  • wood set (9 pcs)

  • 4 sticky foam sheets

  • 4 fabric flames

  • 2 pipe cleaners

  • plastic jar

  • 2 elastic bands

  • solar candle

  • 3 foam rings

  • illustrated instruction booklet

Topics explored

  1. Science of light

  2. Solar energy

  3. Engineering

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

We tried using a battery-powered light in the lantern, but it was a hassle to turn on and off. The solar light fixed that by turning itself on and off — and as a bonus, it’s more environmentally friendly!

- KiwiCo Product Designer

By the numbers


Wood pieces designed


Test hours illuminated


Nights we're afraid of the dark anymore



6 reviews

    Debra A


    My grandson and son had a great time doing this project!



    Overall my daughter liked the solar lantern.



    My 4 year old twins loved putting this together with some minor help. The finished lantern is great - really good quality and they’ve loved using it as a nightlight. It’s going on it’s first camping trip soon!



    This is a really fun and cool Kiwi Crate project. It did require a lot of adult help for my four year old, but she loved playing with it. Unfortunately, it just didn't hold up well. She was careful with it, but more and more pieces fell apart over time. It served its purpose though, but will have us thinking more carefully about what kits we buy in the future.



    Our granddaughter really enjoyed putting it together and it works well.



    My 5 YO loved making this! She uses it in her forts all the time. It was a little complicated for her, but she still enjoyed putting it together with me.

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