Ages 3+

Fun Dough Pasta Maker


Roll and stamp your way to early math exploration — with the help of kid-friendly kitchen play! Use the pasta machine to explore pasta making and shapes with the shape pattern cards, then learn how to make circle, triangle, and square ravioli. The pasta-bilities are endless when it comes to math learning in the kitchen!

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Why it’s awesome

  1. Kid-friendly tools

    Sturdy wood handle and crank designed for toddlers.

  2. Shape pictures

    Play cards explore shape patterns and pictures.

  3. Pretend play pasta

    Shape cutters create playdough ravioli.

What’s included?

  • play pasta machine

  • red playdough

  • yellow playdough

  • circle shape cutter

  • square shape cutter

  • triangle shape cutter

  • cutting wheel

  • shape pattern cards

  • grownup guide

Topics explored

  1. Pretend play

  2. Shape recognition

  3. Spatial reasoning

Additional details

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

Our original design for the pasta machine had the handle on the front. But after we noticed that kids really liked watching the playdough come out of the rollers, we moved the handle to the side so they could turn it and watch the dough at the same time!

- KiwiCo Product Designer

By the numbers


Pasta machine prototypes


Times we rolled play-dough with the machine (just for fun)


Playdough recipes tested



5 reviews



    Grandchildren love it.



    Just excellent product!!! Ingenious really! Highly recommend!!!



    birthday gift for a 3yo princess and her mom said it was her fav out of all the toys she got.



    Love this toy so much. Works well with our homemade play dough. My son uses it to make long play dough roads for his cars. It’s perfect for making cut out play dough cookies as well as the pasta. The cut out tools are very high quality.



    So so so amazing. Kiwico thought of everything with this toy. My son (newly 3) has been playing with it nonstop since we received on Christmas. It is so sturdy (little grippies on the bottom!), and super super easy to crank. We used the compound it came with it as well as PlayDoh and both worked great. We’ve been “eating” pasta and “pancakes” for days. The price point is high…but honestly it was the story of how you re-engineered the product to be more user friendly that really sucked me in. I love that you saw and opportunity for improvement and took it. So glad to have this. My one tiny piece of feedback would be that I wish the crank had a screw on the outside so I could flip it for my left-y son. But since it’s so easy to crank this isn’t a deterrent for my son at all.

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