Ages 3+
Ages 3+

Giant Bubbles


What you get

Discover science that’s unbelie-bubbly fun — with a pair of bubble wands you make yourself! Make a jumbo bubble wand and a customizable string wand, stir up a special bubble mix, then learn tips and tricks for creating beautiful bubbles. Explore the science behind what makes bubbles (and what makes them pop, too!), and experiment with all sorts of brilliant bubble shapes and sizes. Then learn about real-life animals who use bubbles to survive in nature.






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    Apr 6 2023

    Another KiwiCo hit! My 5 and 7 year olds put the wands together easily on their own and continued playing with them outside for over an hour.


    Jan 8 2023

    My children love playing with the bubble kit!


    Sep 28 2022

    From the description I thought I remembered that it included two bubble wands, not one. For the price there should be two--much more fun. Also there should be more bubble solution; we went through one bottle in perhaps 15 minutes. If you truly believe your recipe is proprietary, then I guess you can't give it out. But a part of the learning process could be to experiment to make more--and test different formulas. Nonetheless, my granddaughter and her friend had fun with this.

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