Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Fort Builder Kit


What you get

Build a cave, a clubhouse, a castle, or anything else you can dream up with this endless building kit — perfect for architects-in-the-making. Complete with sturdy wooden poles and strong-but-flexible connectors, this crate makes building big, custom play fort structures a breeze. And with our easy-to-follow illustrated instructions, you can give your structure special features — like a secret door, a working flagpole, or even a drawbridge! Just add a few of your own bed sheets (for walls!) and a big imagination, and you’ll end up with a totally rad play pad. House that for a fun time?





From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

I was inspired by childhood memories of my favorite fort — which collapsed when my cousin jumped on it! To make sure your fort would bounce back instead of breaking, I set out to create a system that was both strong and flexible. The solution was to create connectors out of soft material that can flex in one direction but stay rigid in another.
Behind the Design

By the numbers

Fort sketches: 15

For connectors prototyped: 6

Fort-building competitions: 3!




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    Jan 2 2023

    Love the sturdy wood pieces and the size of the sticks. This fort kit is big! It holds lots of blankets well. It fit 3 kids comfortably for a movie night. Ideal for those who don’t have couch cushions to build forts with.


    Dec 31 2022

    I got two of these for my kids for Christmas. They are great but the sticks are very long (34” each) which made it harder for our 3 and 5 year olds to manage. I cut most of the sticks down to 23.75” and left a few at their original lengths. They just made their best fort yet, it is a sailboat. A couple of our white connector pieces are loose and just fall off. I wish they had included a few spares. The kids love it. 3 stars because it is good but could be great. The photo shows our set with two lengths of sticks.


    Dec 30 2022

    The Fort Builder Kit was fun for my grandsons, ages 4 and 6. However, it is not very stable. The connectors on the bottom need to be stronger.

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