Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Veterinarian Starter Kit


What you get

Discover the important work that veterinarians do through hands-on play! Check up on a favorite stuffed animal with a stethoscope, syringe, and other handy vet tools. Explore animal anatomy by assembling organ and muscle systems. Play a "find the fracture" game using an x-ray lightbox and a set of animal cards. Learn to read cat and dog body language, and how vets understand animals when they can't talk. (It's ruff, but possible!)

Extend the fun! Dive deeper into the world of Awesome Animals with FREE video and printable activities designed to pair with this crate. Learn more here.




From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

Little veterinarians-in-training will love using the tools in this crate (including a mini X-ray machine!) to patch up their stuffed animal friends.
- The KiwiCo Product Design team

By the numbers

Stuffed animal friends cured from illness during product testing: 43

Different animals you get to X-ray in the crate: 4

X-ray machine prototypes created: 23

Topics & academic standards

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Mom of3 lal
Jul 13 2021

Amazing. My daughter is obsessed with being a vet. There is no stuffed animal left in our house who hasn’t been x rayed and fixed up

Jul 8 2021

I love how educational this kit is! I have been looking for a veterinarian kit that’s more age appropriate for my 8 year old and his 5 year old brother can play too. This fits that criteria! Most sets are for 2 yr olds and are crafted very bulky, which doesn’t make sense. My boys use their imaginations constantly! Thank you for making a realistic vet kit! I was amazed that the stethoscope actually works. You can hear heart beats like a real one. Clever echo design. That being said the stethoscope does tend to twist when it’s flexed and in the child’s ears. Which causes one side or both to fall out of their ears. My son was frustrated by this. I do wish the veterinarian card was more sturdy and wish the kit would come with one or two more tools. Maybe wooden ones instead? Great job with the wrap. That’s probably my boys favorite part of it. The dog anatomy puzzle is very neat!! It shows organs and muscles. It’s cool you can see the dog’s bones on the X-ray ‘machine’. The animal cards are fun. But x-raying a fish doesn’t make sense. I understand many kids have beta fish though so it’s relatable. Maybe replace that card with a hamster? I am a little worried that the dog cover on the frame will rip. It feels like thick paper. But I realize your kits aren’t made to be indestructible. I actually like that because kids do outgrow things. And I don’t want everything they have to last forever. Great job overall! Maybe a Zoologist, Electrician or Car Mechanic kit is next? I think it’s great for kids to explore different professions.

Jul 5 2021

This was a gift to my niece's children which she said they had a lot of fun with, especially her 4-year old daughter.