Ages 3+

Chemistry Play Lab


Explore hands-on science with this compact play lab. Beakers, funnels, tubing, scoops, and more fit in a specially-designed storage box that does double and triple duty as a water-play station, sensory bin, and lab rack. The lab book gets you started with 11 fun experiments to try. Time to splash, play, and learn!

Why it’s awesome

  1. Splashy science

    Connect and reconnect the tubes and funnels for toddler science play.

  2. Preschool experiments

    Easy experiments designed for kids (and their grownups!) to explore.

  3. Made for play

    Super-sturdy lab tools designed for little hands.

What’s included?

  • 3 beakers

  • 3 test tubes

  • test tube rack

  • squeeze bulb

  • flask

  • 2 bowls

  • stir stick

  • 3 scoops

  • 2 funnels

  • 2 tubes

  • ice tray

  • rack

  • bin

  • tray

  • 2 graduated cylinders

  • illustrated lab book

Topics explored

  1. Sensory play

  2. Scientific method

  3. Chemistry experiments



17 reviews

Customer images



    Fun! Fun! Fun!



    Great investment with continued uses for science experiments.

    Mimi of two boys


    I gave it to my grandson for his 4th birthday and he absolutely loves it!!! His Mom was also impressed with all the experiment ideas that came in the booklet!



    I absolutely can not rave about this kit enough. I bought this for my son 2 weeks ago and in the first week he used it over 12hrs. He will play for 1-2 hours pouring colored waters back and forth and using all the items. We are big KIWICO fans but this particular kit exceeded expectations. If you are hesitant to purchase bc of price, rest assured this is Well worth the $40.



    We love this. I love that it’s durable and there is a wide variety of items. I think it’s marketed for younger kids but even my elementary school aged kids love playing with it!



    He loved it

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