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Extend the learning with a handpicked book to go with each month’s crate

With a KiwiCo Deluxe subscription, we select a special book to complement each month’s crate topic — a great way to extend the fun and learning!

Add a book to your subscription!

Available internationally!

The Deluxe Experience

Child reading a Kiwi Crate Deluxe Children’s Book
Add a book to your subscription!

How To Upgrade


Log in to your account and click on “manage your subscriptions”.


Select “upgrade.” Note that you will be billed for all remaining months when we bill you for your next crate.


Enjoy Deluxe starting with a book that ships with your next crate!

Over 25 Million Crates and 1 Million Books of Fun… And Counting!

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Contents included in KiwiCo Deluxe Books crates

Deluxe subscriptions are priced at an additional $9.95/month and are available for all KiwiCo lines except Eureka Crate and Maker Crate.

Add a book to your subscription!