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Extend the learning with a handpicked book to go with each month’s crate

With a KiwiCo Deluxe subscription, we select a special book to complement each month’s crate topic — a great way to extend the fun and learning!

Add a book to your subscription!

Available internationally!

The Deluxe Experience

Child reading a Kiwi Crate Deluxe Children’s Book
Add a book to your subscription!

How To Upgrade


Log into your account and click on “Subscriptions”.


Select “Add a book.” Note that you will be billed for all remaining months when we bill you for your next crate.


Enjoy Deluxe starting with a book that ships with your next crate!

Over 30 million Crates and 1 Million Books of Fun… And Counting!

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Contents included in KiwiCo Deluxe Books crates

Deluxe subscriptions are priced at an additional $10.95/month and are available for all KiwiCo lines except Yummy Crate, Maker Crate, and Eureka Crate.

Add a book to your subscription!