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  1. Mini Trampoline

    Mini Trampoline

    Have you ever seen the magic trick where someone yanks the tablecloth off a table, and all the dishes...

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  2. Levitating Slinky

    Levitating Slinky

    Are slinkies magical floating toys or do they somehow follow the laws of physics? Grab your favorite timeless fidget...

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  3. Craft Stick Chain Reaction

    Craft Stick Chain Reaction

    Chain reactions are amazing displays of energy. When everything is set up right, one little tap can cause a...

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  4. Unpoppable Balloon

    Unpoppable Balloon

    Will a balloon pop if you hover it over a heat source? What if you add water to it?...

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  5. Groundhog Sundial

    Groundhog Sundial

    If Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow on February 2nd, that means we might get six more weeks of winter....

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  6. Stained Glass Paper Kite

    Stained Glass Paper Kite

    What better way to celebrate spring than to go outside and fly a kite? Try making your own paper...

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  7. Sprout Sculpture

    Sprout Sculpture

    With spring around the corner, here in California we are beginning to see a lot of plants blooming and sprouting. Making this spout...

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  8. Recycled Crayon Suncatchers

    Recycled Crayon Suncatchers

    We love this project because it’s a great opportunity to use up those old, broken, discarded crayons that are no longer in use....

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  9. Flower Wreaths

    Flower Wreaths

    Thankfully, we've been getting a lot of rain in our area, so our garden has been in...

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  10. Make Your Own Garden

    Make Your Own Garden

    Now that spring is finally here, we've been planting all sorts of seeds on our window sills. From tomatoes to cucumbers, our...

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  11. Pom Pom Bunnies

    Pom Pom Bunnies

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  12. Spring Coloring Pages

    Spring Coloring Pages

    Just in time for spring, here are four adorable spring-themed coloring pages featuring our favorite kiwi bird, Steve! Print them out and color them in....

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  13. Happy Spring Pop-Up Cards

    Happy Spring Pop-Up Cards

    Celebrate spring and surprise a friend with these printable, pop-up cards!Download the printable used in the project here.

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  14. Easy Summer Peach Tart

    Easy Summer Peach Tart

    This summer tart is simple to make and so delicious! My daughter was very proud to present her creation to the family.

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  15. Hopping Grasshopper

    Hopping Grasshopper

    This grasshopper craft is not only a fun way to learn about the parts of a grasshopper, but it jumps too! How far will yours...

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