How to make

Painted Pencil Case

Allow imagination and creativity to take flight in this painted pencil case DIY. With some guided tips and tricks, design a pencil case that reflects your own unique personality and style.

Get Inspired!

Detailed instructions for unique designs

Experiment with your washi tape for different styles. You can create simple, graphic lines with just a few strips of tape.

Make your own stencil out of paper for a unique design. Cut a piece of paper the size of your pouch and sketch your pattern out in pencil. Then, cut out the design with scissors or a craft knife and tape it over your pouch. Paint over the stencil and let dry, then lift up the paper to reveal your masterpiece!

Add water to your paint to create an ombre. Start dabbing your paint along the bottom of your pouch with your foam brush. Then dip your brush in water and gently brush over the color to create a watercolor effect. Add more water to tone down the color as you paint further up the pouch.

Use a popsicle stick to create an ikat inspired pattern. Instead of using a foam brush to spread your paint, pick up a popsicle stick to create thin, streaky lines. Paint a pattern of alternating diamonds for an ikat print.