Puppet Engineering

Build your own puppets and learn the science behind them!


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About This Crate

  1. Wiggle eyes sure are hand-y when it comes to making puppets! Photo by Franco Antonio Giovanella via Unsplash

    1. Did you know? Television shows and movies often use puppets to make large characters come to life. Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street has two puppeteers inside who make him walk and control his eyes and mouth. To make his trunk swing, they use a special pipe with a bike handle attached!
    2. The largest marionette on record was just over 58 feet (17.7 m) tall. That’s three times the height of an average giraffe!
    3. You can make a puppet out of almost anything. Try drawing a face on a paper bag. Or how about sticking wiggle eyes on a sock or other object?

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