Playing with Puzzles

About This Crate

  • Did you know? Riddles are some of the oldest puzzles in human history!
  • Did you know? Scientists have discovered that it’s easier for people to solve puzzles after hearing a funny joke. Laughing relaxes your brain and helps it limber up to learn.
Photo by David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Repurpose Your Crate

Looking for something to do with the crate everything came in?

  1. Cut out the bottom of your Kiwi Crate. Keep the sides!
  2. Place the crate bottom on one of your puzzle pictures and trace around it.
  3. Lift off the crate bottom and check that your art is inside the rectangle you traced. Cut out the rectangle.
  4. Use tape or glue to stick your artwork to the crate bottom.
  5. Cut four cardboard strips from the sides of your crate and glue them into a border that goes around the outside of your art.
  6. Decorate your frame with colorful tape or stickers.
  7. Tape a piece of string to the back of your frame to hang it.
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