Water Wheel

Check out some of these cool ways engineers put water to work:

  • Aqueducts. Some cities get drinking water from aqueducts, long, bridge-like structures that use gravity to move water from a lake or mountain to where people live. But aqueducts aren’t just a modern invention — they’ve used since ancient times!
  • Making Splashy Melodies. When you blow into an instrument like a saxophone, air moves across astrip called a reed and makes a sound. But did you know you can make music with water in a similar way? To play an instrument called a hydraulophone, you use your fingers to direct a moving stream of water. When the water flows over a reed inside the instrument, it plays a note!
  • Any Way You Slice It. Did you know that you can use water to cut things? Water-jet cutters push water through a super tiny opening to make a powerful stream. The stream is so strong that it can slice through even stone and steel!
Photo by Glogger via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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