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Build a Foundation for Learning

Perfect for Your Little One's Developing Brain

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Panda Crate was inspired by the vision of helping busy parents nurture their naturally curious and creative babies.

We designed each crate to help babies learn by doing what they do best — playing, exploring, and most importantly, interacting with loving adults in their lives.

We're grateful to play a part in this journey with you!

Grounded in the Science of Early Childhood Development

Designed by experts,
tested by kids!

  • Appropriate for your baby's age!

    Developmentally Appropriate

    Just-right products and information for your child's age.

  • Take it from the experts!


    Designed in partnership with experts at Seattle Children's Hospital.

  • Learn and grow!

    Hands-on Learning & Play

    Extensively tested to promote learning and engagement.

  • Everything delivered straight to your door!

    More Time to Bond

    Research distilled into a helpful and practical guide.

Stage-Specific Quality Products in Every Crate

Bond With Me

(For Newborns — 0-2 Month Olds)

Establishing a loving connection with your new baby allows them to feel safe and secure, making it easier to explore the world and develop cognitive skills that will last a lifetime.

Sense With Me

(For 3-6 Month Olds)

Your baby may be tiny, but they’re making big discoveries and connections every day. Engage their senses with fun products they can watch, grab, sniff, hear, and, of course, chew on.

Explore With Me

(For 7-12 Month Olds)

Your little explorer is ready to roll (not to mention sit, crawl, and grab). Toys that play with concepts like over, under, and through will help them learn spatial awareness skills and explore their world.

Count With Me

(For 13-18 Month Olds)

Did you know your little one is a born mathematician? Activities like sorting objects by size or matching up shapes helps them develop their number sense and lays the foundation for future math learning.

Discover With Me

(For 19-24 Month Olds)

Your little one learns about their world by experimenting — what happens if I do this? Discovering cause and effect through repetitive play helps them master new skills and develop persistence.

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