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Animation of a Eureka Articulated Desk Lamp moving up and down.

Articulated Desk Lamp

Engineer a cool cantilevered lamp that uses pulleys and springs to make it perfectly adjustable, and explore mechanical equilibrium and materials science. Comes with an energy-friendly LED bulb.

Animation of an Electric Pencil Sharpener sharpening a pencil.

Electric Pencil Sharpener

Wire up an electromechanical pencil sharpener with automatic pencil detection, and explore electric motors and torque. Comes with a pencil set and notebook to jot down your ideas and inventions.

Animation of a young engineer adjusting a tuning peg on a Eureka Ukulele.

Wooden Ukulele

Build a real four-string concert ukulele and explore the science of sound waves. Discover the design history of this classic Hawaiian instrument and learn to play some sweet tunes.

Start with Spinning Sand Garden

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Eureka Crate

My sons and now my daughter's eyes just light up when a crate arrives. They can't stop until it's done and the problem solving skills they require while building are one feature that keeps them enamored with their crates.

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Innovators have the power to change the world.

Innovator working on a Eureka STEM box

Eureka Crate inspires innovators to think about the design and engineering behind everyday objects.

Explore hands-on lessons in the creative application of the science principles behind real-world problems. With Eureka Crate, join the ongoing story of invention — and build the creative confidence to write the next chapter.

Start with Spinning Sand Garden

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