When I Grow Up

Explore the coolest careers in science with these 6 crates:

Marine Biologist Starter Kit

Create a color-changing coral reef and build two ocean animals that move as you learn about life as a marine biologist.

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Space worksheet, certificate, and other materials from KiwiCo's Summer Adventure Series.

Get access to our content library featuring:

  1. 3 videos with at-home activities + explainers

  2. 5 activities including printables + online DIYs

  3. Grownup guide with an activity checklist, DIY material list, and a you-did-it printable certificate

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Choose your expedition theme

Get 6 crates packed with themed projects and everything you need for hours of fun.

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Get all 6 crates at once or 1 delivered weekly to fit your family’s schedule.

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Start your adventure

Build projects and explore more with DIYs, videos, and printables at home.

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$126 ($21/crate) + FREE shipping

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Explore exciting professions

KiwiCo's When I Grow Up series is designed for elementary school kids seeking engaging summer activities. Through hands-on craft kits, children can step into the roles of veterinarians, geologists, or astronauts, fostering imaginative play and curiosity. From caring for toy animals to uncovering geological treasures, each project offers an immersive experience that encourages creativity and learning. Discover the fascinating world of professions and nurture a love for exploration and discovery!