The Hydraulics Crate

Build with Hydraulics

This DIY Hydraulics kit can create all sorts of hydraulic-powered machines. Watch the tutorial to learn how to build a lifting claw arm.

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Hydraulics Design Challenge

Hydraulic machines can be designed to do all sorts of jobs, from super-precise factory robots to super-powerful hydraulic rams capable of lifting a drawbridge. Now, it’s your turn! Try out these design challenges to see what your hydraulic kit is capable of.

First, set up your hydraulics machine on a smooth surface. Tape an “X” about 6 inches from one side of your machine. This is your start point. Then tape a circle about 6 inches from the other side. This is your target. Make sure that your machine can reach both the start and end points.

Give your machine something to pick up by making a masking tape handle for a plastic cup. Gather a few coins or other small weights and you’re ready to get started!

Challenge 1: Weight

This challenge tests the strength of your machine. Try adding weights to your cup. How heavy can you make the cup and still complete the challenge? Can you modify your design so it can hold more weight?

Challenge 2: Distance

For this challenge, try moving the drop site for the cup farther from your machine. How far can you move the drop site and still complete the challenge? Can you modify your machine to drop the cup further?

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