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Ages 2+
Ages 2+

Alphabet Bank


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We alphabet you'll love this ABC-themed crate! Play an alphabet munch game using a Kellan coin bank and a bunch of colorful letter tokens — can you "feed" Kellan the right letter? Then puzzle together felt pieces to make every letter from A to Z: a great way to help grow your budding letter-writing skills!

Discover age-appropriate projects, designed specifically for your child's age & stage, along with DISCOVER, a bonus magazine with expert advice, content around developmental focus areas, and additional at home activities to continue the fun at home.

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May 3 2020

A great resource for teaching your kids the alphabet. Especially when they are at home more, and dont have daycare to reinforce that knowledge.

Mar 9 2020

Thanks KiwiCo for another crate that my son loved! I was happy with the Kellan Bank and how much we could continually keep using and playing with it.

Feb 25 2020

We have been practicing the ABCs in our household for the past few weeks and this crate came at the perfect time! It really helped reiterate the letters.