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Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Animal Chalkboard Ornaments


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Create perfectly personalized animal-shaped ornaments with a little bit of chalkboard paint, chalk, and chalk markers! Transform blank wooden shapes and decorate them in your own style. Hang finished ornaments on your Christmas tree or give them to friends and family. Best of all, you can wipe these shapes clean and redecorate them whenever you want., It's like Christmas every day!

Includes illustrated instructions, all the materials, and additional art & design ideas and inspiration.



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Apr 2 2020

It was easy for my Great Granddaughter to do by herself.

Feb 29 2020

Two 11 year olds, two 6 year olds worked together and completed great crafts. Awesome!!! Thanks!!!

Feb 27 2020

I live in a small town. Craft supplies are not readily available.. Everything needed is in the crate along with instructions. My grand children and I are enjoying the activities. A welcome break from technology.