Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Bath Bombs (2-Pack)

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Dip your toes into bubbly bathtime chemistry with this bath bomb 2-pack. Mix up colorful chemical concoctions, then mold them into shape to make two types of bath bombs — animal-shaped bath bombs, and multilayered, planet-themed bath bombs inspired by the layers of the Earth. Then drop your finished bath bombs into the water to see frothy, fizzy chemical reactions — in action!

1. Planet Bath Bombs
Mix together citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, and food coloring to make a variety of colorful bath bomb powders.
Individual price: $19.95

2. Animal Bath Bombs
Learn about acid-base reactions and the science of molecules while mixing up a colorful chemical concoction, then press the mixture into bath-bomb shape.
Individual price: $17.95

Both projects are delivered together. Each project can make 3-6 unique bath bombs.

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16 yr old daughter LOVED making bath bombs!!!


These are great! The instructions are easy to use and my daughter is so excited to take baths as a result!


My grandchildren LOVED making these! The colors were perfect!