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Ages 0+
Ages 0+

Bond with Me Deluxe


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Spending time with your new baby makes them feel safe and happy, making it easier for them to develop cognitive skills that will last a lifetime. Use the developmentally appropriate products in this crate to help your newborn explore their world! Specifically designed for ages 0 to 2 months.

Turn tummy time into playtime with the Tummy Time Mirror. Pair it with the Black-and-White Cards to boost their visual development. Best of all, capture priceless memories with the Milestone Pillow and Cards. (Because it may not feel like it at 2 am, but your baby’s first year will fly by!)

This product comes with a specially-curated book to complement the crate's theme.






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Jan 9 2023

Love the folding mirror toy with all its chewable surprises for baby. Love that it can fold into a triangle and is reversible. Wish the mirror was a little better baby always looks warped in it but baby loves it it anyway. The swaddle blanket is nice and big. Love the book and pillow too. Really enjoying this kit.

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