Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Bubbling Cauldron


What you get

Discover spooky science . . . with your very own bubbling cauldron! Design a felt witch and construct a witchy lair — complete with a cauldron connected to a hidden pump. Mix together a witchy brew using citric acid and colored baking soda, use the pump to add water, then watch your cauldron bubble and boil in a creepy chemical reaction!

As seen on: KTLA

• Design a felt witch using the included peg person, felt cape, felt hat, and roving.

• Build the witch’s lair using a spooky 2-sided backdrop, a cauldron connected to a hidden pump, and a tray cover and tray to drain your chemical reactions.

• Get creative! Customize your witch’s face with markers from home. Use the included stickers (made from a water-resistant material!) to decorate the witch’s hat and the backdrop for the witch’s lair any way you like.

• Experiment with your bubbling cauldron by adding more or less scoops of citric acid and baking soda or by concocting new mixtures (what happens if you add dish soap?) — and keep the scares coming!

• 17-page booklet includes step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting your pump, plus a rundown of the cool chemistry behind your cauldron and the science behind other spooky special effects.




From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

In early designs, we were planning on having kids just pour the water into the cauldron to set off their chemical reaction. But that made a real mess during testing! So we came up with the built-in pump system to help direct the flow of water. That way, you can keep things tidy and add a dose of mystery to your spooky display!

By the numbers

Decorative stickers included in the set: 23

Colors of cauldron bubbles tested: 5

Cackles of joy heard during product testing: 83+



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Oct 24 2022

My granddaughter and 2 friends put this together, they absolutely loved it!

Cynthia K
Oct 3 2022

My grandson loved the process of putting it together & the magic cauldron!

Sep 28 2022

Best crate ever! My 8 yr old loved this.

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