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Construction Excavator Costume


Step into the driver’s seat of your favorite construction vehicle with this mechanical costume that really moves! Build and control your very own excavator digging arm, then attach it to a box from home to complete your costume. Finish off your excavation exploration by learning about the science of levers and how they make your excavator work! Ready to dig in?Read more

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

To try out the digging arm, our testers scooped up everything from candy to pillows to bouncy balls. One tester even scooped their favorite toys to clean up their playroom!

- KiwiCo Product Designer

By the numbers


Lever designs tested


Excavator digging arm length in inches


Sound effects made while testing the excavator



31 reviews



    My 4 year old helped me put this together and he wore it for Halloween for two years in a row! We got so many compliments everytime we went out for a Halloween event. It's not flimsy, it's still going fairly strong but falling apart a little, which is to be expected after what it's been through. Thanks to whoever thought of this!



    My 2.5 year old insisted on being an excavator for Halloween. This kit was excellent: she loved every step of this from assembling the arm, painting the box, and putting on the treads. It was the hit of every Halloween event we went to and definitely held up to all the use. It was also light enough for her to wear for 2.5 hours. The only 'problem' is now she wants more projects.



    Our 3 yo loved this! Great product overall. Could be enhanced by placing rubber bands in scoop to make it actually work to pickup light weight things. I added them myself and it worked.

    Danielle Cook


    This was perfect for my sons costume and for him to play with. Although he was too little to put it together himself, this was perfect for Halloween. My only complaint would be is that the digger part was a little front heavy. I just put some sand in a bag to balance it out a little. Highly recommend, totally worth your money.



    This was a fantastic hit. The arm is articulated and worked well. The kids loved their costumes. ( they played with it a bit too much and the arm fell off one of the boxes) It was easy to put together. I spray painted the boxes and we got lots of compliments.



    This was fantastic! I will say after using the levers a bit the box started to get worn through, but nothing a little extra tape can’t fix! It was also cute to watch my child try to bend over to grab things or go up stairs for trick or treating at different houses.

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