Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Construction Excavator Costume


What you get

Step into the driver’s seat of your favorite construction vehicle with this mechanical costume that really moves! Build and control your very own excavator digging arm, then attach it to a box from home to complete your costume. Finish off your excavation exploration by learning about the science of levers and how they make your excavator work! Ready to dig in?

This crate may require grownup assistance.

• Recycle an ordinary cardboard box from home and transform it into an excavator costume — complete with digging arm, side wheels, and wearable straps.

• Build simple lever mechanisms to make your costume movable! The left lever moves the bucket and the right lever moves the arm.

• 34-page booklet includes a rundown of all the parts that make up a real-world excavator (from the boom to the bucket to the cab), plus an exploration of the science behind the clever levers in your excavator.

• Keep the fun going with a scavenger hunt for all sorts of levers in everyday life — like scissors, wheelbarrows, shovels, and even your own arm!




From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

To try out the digging arm, our testers scooped up everything from candy to pillows to bouncy balls. One tester even scooped their favorite toys to clean up their playroom!

By the numbers

Lever designs tested: 5

Excavator digging arm length: 32.5 in (82.5 cm)

Times people made sound effects while testing the excavator: every single time!



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Danielle Cook
Nov 10 2022

This was perfect for my sons costume and for him to play with. Although he was too little to put it together himself, this was perfect for Halloween. My only complaint would be is that the digger part was a little front heavy. I just put some sand in a bag to balance it out a little. Highly recommend, totally worth your money.

Nov 4 2022

Super cute costume! The directions were easy to follow. As stated it is front heavy so we put some extra weight in the back of the box. My son got so many compliments on this costume on Halloween.

Nov 4 2022

My grandson had fun constructing it with his father and then wearing it! He will be able to use it for a while because he’s a little too small for it now., but he had fun with it!

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