Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Domino Machine


What you get

What could be cooler than building a domino run? Well, how about a friendly, wiggle-eyed robot that sets up your dominoes for you? Engineer your very own dazzling domino machine, then use it to lay out a variety of daring domino runs you design yourself! Learn how to build cool domino tricks (like curves, splits, and stacked structures), get inspired by real-world domino art, then practice iterative design by trying, testing, tweaking, and repeating your runs. You’ll also discover the science behind domino runs — from energy transfer to exponential growth. Ready to put your tip-top toppling skills to the test?

  • • 100 wood dominoes for bringing your domino designs to life.
  • • A 12-page zine full of domino tips and design inspiration.
  • • Colorful, in-depth articles about energy transfer, potential energy, and how, with a series of just 29 dominoes of increasing size, you could theoretically knock down the Empire State Building!
  • • Fun facts about the domino world — from world records to wacky fails.
  • • Batteries are included.

Patent Pending

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From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

When we were testing an early prototype, one of our coworkers said it looked like a cute robot spitting out dominoes. So they drew a face on it. From then on, the domino machine had a face!

By the numbers

Domino runs set up for testing: 460

Gears prototyped: 8

Most dominos toppled in a single run: 150!



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    May 5 2023

    We love it!!!my husband built it for our 2.5yr old and because it does have choking hazards )it’s meant for 9yr olds, she is only allowed to use it when we are next to her. We keep it out of reach. But she loves it! She is really good at putting the dominos in and turns it on and off herself. Really great little robot :)


    Apr 25 2023

    My grandson loved it!


    Apr 5 2023

    My son (age 6) really loved this project. He needed some support from me, but mostly did it himself and has loved the end result.

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