Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Domino Machine


What you get

What could be cooler than building a domino run? Well, how about a friendly, wiggle-eyed robot that sets up your dominoes for you? Engineer your very own dazzling domino machine, then use it to lay out a variety of daring domino runs you design yourself! Learn how to build cool domino tricks (like curves, splits, and stacked structures), get inspired by real-world domino art, then practice iterative design by trying, testing, tweaking, and repeating your runs. You’ll also discover the science behind domino runs — from energy transfer to exponential growth. Ready to put your tip-top toppling skills to the test?


• 100 wood dominoes for bringing your domino designs to life.

• A 12-page zine full of domino tips and design inspiration.

• Colorful, in-depth articles about energy transfer, potential energy, and how, with a series of just 29 dominoes of increasing size, you could theoretically knock down the Empire State Building!

• Fun facts about the domino world — from world records to wacky fails.

• Batteries are included.

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From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

When we were testing an early prototype, one of our coworkers said it looked like a cute robot spitting out dominoes. So they drew a face on it. From then on, the domino machine had a face!

By the numbers

Domino runs set up for testing: 460

Gears prototyped: 8

Most dominos toppled in a single run: 150!



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Victoria and Michael
Nov 24 2022

Grandson LOVES it!

Nov 19 2022

It is a Christmas gift for my grandson. I'm sure he will have alot fun with it.

Nov 1 2022

Had great fun playing with the domino machine with my grandchildren who are 5 and 3; it’s great for encouraging motor control and coordination for young ones. I added a bit of glue under the rubber bands on the big wheels as they kept coming off. Also added a strip of cardboard in the domino channel so the dominoes don’t twist as much, the wobbly ones were sometimes knocking down the whole line of dominoes before we could!

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