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Drawbot Classroom Pack


In this classroom pack of 10 drawbots, students will explore physics and engineering concepts by building a simple motor-powered robot in pairs or small groups. Encourage kids to experiment and design! They’ll use critical thinking to make predictions, form observations, and record results. Students will also investigate balanced and unbalanced forces by solving open-ended engineering problems. The project is broken up into multiple suggested class periods and serves 20-40 students.
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    We used this classroom pack during COVID to offer 4th and 5th graders more STEM concepts. The students had a really good time learning about the concepts of forces, we had a lot of examples of those types of forces and it really reinforced the different experiments of the motor and how the drawbot worked. We had a GREAT time building this drawbot over a 3 week period and it went beautifully, even on video (vs. in the classroom). This was our first project and first time using KiwiCo and we are excited for another project coming up in the Fall 2021 semester.



    I used the DrawBot classroom kit for a recent workshop and plan to use again. I really appreciated the additional motors however I also found it would have been helpful to have additional battery packs and

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