Ages 5+
Ages 5+



What you get

Get eggcited for science! Conduct a series of egg-themed experiments that show physics, chemistry, and biology in action. Color eggs using chemical reactions, create sparkly eggshells through crystallization, and more! Eggsplore the scientific method in a hands-on way, all while seeing bubbly, fizzy, bouncy, sparkly science at work!

• 2 Eggsperiments that are to dye for - just grab some eggs from your fridge!
• 3 DIY activities to eggsplore even more like growing a crystal eggshell.
• A lab book that explores The Scientific Method and how scientists use it to make predictions, observations, and conclusions.
• Mess mat, tray, and gloves for ultimate mess control.

Eggs not included.

Note: These eggs are for decoration only — not for eating!




From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

Turns out, there are a ton of awesome experiments you can do with eggs. This kit gets your eggs fizzing, dissolving, bouncing, growing, shrinking, and more!

By the numbers

Eggs boiled during development: 51

Raw eggs dropped during development: 3

Number of awesome experiments included in this crate: 5




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Nov 1 2022

Fun way to play with eggs. Only really like 2 experiments included, unless the plan is to get the shell off of multiple eggs to do similar activities. Fun with the colour but overall was done in a couple days

Oct 11 2022

Messy! But fun! My son loved this! I like that there are so many projects we can do with this one kit ! Such a steal for the price! Perfect activity to spend one on one time with your kids!

Teacher mom
Jun 28 2022

Kids loved it! My 9yr old was able to do it independently. The instructions are clear enough for kids to complete on their own. Big chemical reaction gave a big kids’ reaction. Great fun!

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