Ages 14+
Ages 14+

Electric Pencil Sharpener


What you get

Sharpen some pencils — and your engineering knowhow — with a pencil sharpener you built yourself! Follow step-by-step DIY instructions to construct the core, add the battery, and wire your mechanism up. Then learn about the invention of pencils, the evolution of sharpener design, and cool engineering features in your sharpener (like the limit switch, which lets the electric circuit know when your pencil is in the sharpener, causing it to automatically switch on)!

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From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

What do innovators, inventors, artists, and engineers have in common? All their ideas start with pencil and paper. With this pencil sharpener and holder combo, you'll always have a pencil handy too for your next great idea.

By the numbers

Motor's gear ratio: 1

Trigger switches tested: 7

Exclusive Eureka pencils in this crate: 4


@ jodimckennadotcom


31 reviews

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    Mar 3 2023

    Did not give any challenge to put together

    D&B Mom

    Jan 6 2023

    This is such an awesome and useful kit. But to be honest, the first kit didn’t turn on despite double and triple checking the connections. Kiwi was very quick to provide replacement motor/battery pack/wires (we reused the bulk of the original parts). It worked great the second time around.


    Dec 30 2022

    This was a little complicated, very cool and very practical. Perfect for my pre-teen!

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