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Fishing Game


Catch yourself a big one with this fishing game! Build your own fully-functional fishing rod, complete with a ratchet-controlled reel. Craft three different kinds of play fish and three different lures to catch them with. Read all about saltwater and freshwater habitats, and the various types of fish that swish in the water — from catfish and carp to salmon and sturgeon. When you’re done playing, store your stuff in a tackle box that you decorate yourself (with cool stickers)! Ready to cast off?

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    I got this for my little brother's seventh birthday. It was fun to make with him and he really enjoys playing with it. My only problem was in the first part of of the instructions it says you need four rubber bands. We looked through it several time but they didn't mention where the rubber bands were supposed to go at all which was very confusing. The rod its self was pretty good quality. It does bend a little bit which is kind of annoying, but that can be fixed easy with wood glue. Over all pretty good product. My brother loves it very much .



    My almost 7 year old was able to make this nearly on her own and enjoyed making it. The only issue was with the fishing line. My daughter messed up the direction she had that going in and then the line broke so we had to use alternate materials at home for the fishing line.

    Sam and Jamie


    Goes together very easily and I like the mechanics of it, only probably is the hardware that attaches the reel to the pole is really weak. My 7 year old played with it for two minutes before the handle pulled apart from the yellow "bolt" that held it in place. The rest of the rod is surprisingly well built

    Julie Jansen


    Didn’t open the box yet. It’s a birthday gift.



    We've tried about 20 kiwi boxes and this was one of our favorites (balloon cars was also a huge hit). Two boys ages 6 and 8 built it together own their own and played for hours.



    This is our first kiwico box. Our son received this for his 9th birthday. I was worried it would be babyish for him, but it was not! He loves fishing and always wants the magnetic fishing games for toddlers. He needed some help putting the pole together and overall the quality is good. He enjoyed the fact that the reel works and the concept of switching lures to catch different fish. I’m buying a 2nd one because our puppy ate the tip of the pole. Only room for improvement would be to have a longer fishing line. Length is ok if you’re sitting.

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