Ages 5+

Flying Squirrel


Launch a love of zoology with this adorable, launchable flying squirrel plushie! Play a target game where you try to aim your squirrel at delicious food cards, all while evading the perilous predator cards. Learn about the amazing adaptations that make flying squirrels so special — from their powerful patagia to their cuddly, huddle-y nature (which helps keep them warm during winter). Then discover other great gliders from around the world — flying fish, soaring snakes, and of course, people wearing wingsuit! Read more

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

This adorable plush of a Flying Squirrel can actually launch a little!

- KiwiCo Product Designer

By the numbers


Launch mechanisms tested


Types of fabric considered


Squirrels harmed in the making of this toy



6 reviews



    My grand daughter just loves flying the squirrel to get his favorite food. Great fun!



    This was an Easter gift and my child loves it. However, I did notice that when you pull the tail back to launch it some fluff does come out. I just stuffed it back in, before my kid noticed. The game was fun and we not only launched it but used it like a bean bag toss.



    We love the flying squirrel. He is soft and fuzzy and fun to play with. My son loves that he cam with his own play food. Since we just studied flying squirrels in school, this was a big help in learning about them.



    His name is Flysie. Every morning for breakfast he enjoys his food and sun bathing along with traveling the world. He is a favored toy.

    Michelle B


    Love this cute squirrel and its accessories! There is a poster that comes with it that talks about squirrels. My children 6 & 8, have enjoyed this so much!



    My eight year old loves this

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