Ages 3+

Froggie Dissection Lab


Play pretend with a plush Froggie friend that you can "dissect"! Open Froggie up, then use a pair of kid-friendly tweezers to explore the major internal organs that you and Froggie have in common — heart, lungs, stomach, and more. Then play a diagnosis game to figure out why Froggie isn't feeling well. Ready to hop to it?

Why it’s awesome

  1. kid pointing to frog organs

    Kid-led play

    Easy-open belly flaps and tweezers make it easy for kids to explore.

  2. close up of froggie's organs

    Real biology, real snuggles

    Organs are labeled for learning — and tuck neatly inside for cuddles.

  3. symptom game cards to diagnose froggie

    Diagnosis game

    Follow the clues and hunt for the organs that need help.

What’s included?

  • open-up froggie plush, kid-friendly tweezers, frog biology poster, diagnosis game card set

Topics explored

  1. Frog biology

  2. Organs

  3. Symptoms and diagnoses

Additional details

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

Who knew a dissection lab could be adorable? We did! This froggie is both huggable and educational!

- KiwiCo Product Designer

By the numbers


Organ prototypes


Frog prototypes


Frogs harmed in the making of this plush



6 reviews

    Ioana Ruxandra


    Best learning experience ever for my 4 year old back then, who is still playing and learning with this frog now, 2 years later!!! Only now she understands better, back then she was just learning the organs and where they are positioned. This frog comes with questions /sort of a quiz game and now that she had this for so long she can answe questions and win the quiz beating all of us grownups as she knows more! Pictures show when she first got this toy versus today!



    Love love love!

    PA-C Mama


    I loved how they framed dissection in terms of medicine and helping the frog. I loved talking with my kid about symptoms, anatomy, physiology, and surgery. It came with a fun game mixing all these topics together, which my son and I both loved!



    We love this dissection frog. my 6 yo grandson loves to know the "how" of things and the "why does it". This was a good starting place for learning about our own organs.

    B from Toronto


    Very soft and cute. However, my 5 and 3-year-old have trouble with the loop enclosures that go around the buttons. Would've preferred velcro. My kids also wished that the kit included a plastic scalpel but unfortunately, the kit only comes with plastic tweezers.



    The quality is so good. It’s very soft and works well as a lovey. My son who is 2 loves to open the buttons and we talk about the organs.

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