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Ages 14+

Geometric Clay Organizers


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Create your own terrazzo treasures, and explore the history of this classic Italian art form! Decorate a slab of white mortar with colorful, geometric chips of polymer clay, then bake your work to create a terrific terrazzo tray. Experiment with cut-out shapes and color-mixing to create a whole set of terrazzo organizers — where no two are exactly alike!

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Sep 22 2020

My daughter loved this. She made the drawer organizer and a few other things on her own. She even was able to make a birthday gift for her dad with the materials.

Jul 1 2020

Loved the instructions and inspirational ideas, and that it has everything I need to make several pieces.

May 29 2020

I liked the amount of material you recieve. Definitely enough for the projects outlined, or doing something on your own.