Ages 14+
Ages 14+

Gilded Journals


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Learn to gild and go for the gold — or rose gold, or silver for that matter! Practice using gilding tools (such as a burnisher made of real agate) to stick gleaming metal leaf onto faux-leather squares. Then use your Midas touch to gild bookmarks and journal covers that you can design your way. Hand-bind the journals, then fill the pages with ideas that seriously shine!

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May 9 2021

This project was really enjoyable. Messy, but fun. I wasn't super excited about it at first, because I won't use the journals or bookmarks, but it turned out to be one of my favorite crafts to do. The journals make great drawing books for kids, and my husband uses the bookmarks. This crate also had plenty of leftover "goodies" that I'll reuse. It's easy enough for a teenager to do, and the mess can be vacuumed up.

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