Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Glow String Shooter


What you get

Engineer a gravity-defying glow string shooter that’s part physics experiment, part art installation, and all awesome. Build the base, construct a set of dueling motors, and add a strip of UV LEDs to get glowing. Then fire up your finished shooter, and watch it make a loop of string stand up straight in the air! Explore momentum as the string curves around your hand, or toss a flying disc through the loop to a friend. Then learn about UV light — all while lighting up a love of physics and engineering!




From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

We’d seen some DIY string shooters online that were pretty cool. To build an even cooler model, we just had to make it glow. First step: building up our glow know-how. So before we even started designing the shooter, we tested out our glow tech with a very basic prototype — a UV LED in a matchbox.

By the numbers

DIY string shooter YouTube videos watched: over 100

String coils prototyped: 6

Glow string found strewn around the workshop: too many to count!



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Sep 12 2022

This was a great birthday present for my 11 year old.

Nick Mavro
Apr 4 2022

My daughter LOVES the string shooter and every other Kiwi box we’ve received so far. Building these devices is often the highlight of the weekend and this one was no exception. After we built it, we spent hours playing and experimenting with it. My only ask is that another color string other than green be included with the box, but not a big deal. We are looking forward to next month for sure!

Nick Mavro's image 1
Nick Mavro's image 2
Mar 18 2022

My nine-year-old made this today. He loved it! He was able to complete the project all on his own. He had a few knots along the way but with a little encouraging to go back and read ALL the directions he was able to troubleshoot and make it work perfectly. Our main problem now is going to be keeping his cat from stealing the string. Great project! Definitely recommend!

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