Ages 3+
Ages 3+

Glowing Nature


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What you get

Create a mushroom that glows in the dark and a firefly sock puppet that can light up at night. Then, try to get a jellyfish to wiggle in a fun moving game!

Everything needed in this nature kit for kids, from materials to illustrated directions, is included, along with imagine!, a bonus play & learn magazine for kids with additional activities and puzzles.

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22 reviews

Jul 17 2020

This glowing nature crate is a favorite! My 3 year old has been interested in lightening bugs so this was perfect! My 1 year old also enjoys playing with the jellyfish that is still on the window!

Jul 5 2020

My daughter loved this! The jellyfish is still on her window as a fun "puppet".

Jun 7 2020

Kids really do love making the stuff they play with. Seeing the projects come to life makes my son so even more excited to play!