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Grow-With-Me Sensory Play Mat


Tune into tummy time with a cushy, kid-friendly play mat that grows with your baby! Explore sensory play with 9 built-in activities, from a speaker that helps strengthen visual tracking skills to textured shapes that encourage fine motor movements. Follow your baby’s lead as they discover endless ways to play!

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Why it’s awesome

  1. Rattle, squeak, flip

    Interactive elements encourage reaching and exploring.

  2. Add-on play

    Attach rattles or other toys to the loops for more to explore.

What’s included?

  • sensory play mat

  • grownup guide

Topics explored

  1. Sensory play

  2. Fine + gross motor skills

  3. Hearing and visual tracking

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    This is super cute and fun, it's thick enough to be placed on the ground and seems to be great quality !

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