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Ages 14+



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What you get

Tune in to technology — with a pair of stereo headphones you engineer yourself! Build the headphone headband, rig up the speaker drivers, and experiment with stereo sound. Explore how speakers and other electroacoustic transducers turn electricity into sound, then learn about the historical technologies that made modern headsets possible.

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From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

You'll build an awesome pair of headphones yourself, but you'll also be an audio engineer and experiment with amazing stereo-sound illusions.
- The KiwiCo Product Design team

By the numbers

Headband designs: 12

Headphone cups tested: 6

Audio clips we included online: 7

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May 1 2021

Kids enjoyed the build and let me know they sound good too. Nice to have a build that has a longer term use beyond the explore and build day.

Apr 30 2021

My son loved it! The only thing I would change is the fit. It was too tight for my son's head and some of the wooden parts were hard to fit into the plastic parts. Besides that, it's an amazing product with lots of education in it.

Natalie F.
Apr 12 2021

My son enjoyed making these and they work great - he even uses them during his hybrid classes. Only drawback is that it didn't take long for him to put them together (less than 30 minutes), which is why I didn't give them 5 stars.