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Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Hydraulic Claw


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Build with hydraulics! Hydraulics are used all over, from airplanes to factories to theme parks. Explore engineering and learn how to build your own hydraulic lifting claw and continue experimenting with bonus design challenges.

Includes illustrated blueprint instructions, materials, and a special-edition Tinker Zine magazine to learn more about amazing hydraulic machines.

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Jun 9 2017

This crate was well put together. My daughter really enjoyed the experiment showing gas compression versus liquid compression. The only difficulty she had was in preventing air bubbles in her hydraulics. I helped her solve that by filling them while totally immersed.

May 9 2017

My boys loved seeing how hydraulics work! They had a blast trying out new ways of arranging the pieces and seeing how everything moved!

Kelly S.
Jun 1 2015

I love the open ended nature of this crate....that you create a basic hydraulic setup and can do so much with it. We've received three tinker crates, and this is by far our favorite...it left so much room for creativity, which greAtly enhanced my child's understanding of the concept.