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Ages 6+

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Explore the ins-and-outs of Indonesia! Design and paint a canvas tote inspired by beautiful Batik bags. Build a racing komodo dragon, and learn all about this ravenous reptile that only lives in Indonesia. Learn to dance the Tari Piring, a traditional dance in which performers balance plates in their hands while whirling and twirling. Explore the terraced rice fields, burly buffaloes, and hard work that makes Indonesia's rice agriculture possible. Then go bananas for a classic Indonesian dessert — ooey-gooey pisang bakar (grilled bananas) topped with chocolate sprinkles!

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Aug 9 2020

The kids loved making the lizard and the bag. They loved learning about where Komodo dragons live and how people make the bags !!

Jun 30 2020

Projects were fun and engaging and spoke to my child's personal interests.

Jun 25 2020

We loved batik! My child also enjoyed learning the dance with the paper plates