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Ages 9+

Jumping Bunny


Hop into engineering with this jumping bunny ‘bot! Assemble a spring-powered mechanism, then experiment with the design to customize its jumps and give your robot a bunny makeover. Along the way, learn how the physics of potential and kinetic energy work to put the spring in your bunny’s step. Ready to hop to it?

Why it’s awesome

  1. springs that make the robot bounce

    Hoppy engineering

    Wire up a motor and build a mechanism to make your ‘bot bounce.

  2. robot with customized body skins

    Build and tinker

    Customize your bot with a bunny skin or design your own.

  3. robot in motion of bouncing

    Science of jumping

    Experiment with angles and energy to explore jumping physics.

What’s included?

  • wood set (8 pcs)

  • motor

  • 3 rubber bands

  • spacer

  • 5 bolts

  • 9V battery pack

  • 2 pegs

  • chassis

  • 8 rubber rings

  • spring

  • hex nut

  • dowel

  • paper body set (8 pcs)

  • 8 foam gears

  • 2 zip ties

  • 2 barrel nuts

  • sticky foam sheet

  • 4 wiggle eyes

  • bunny paper body set

  • illustrated instruction booklet

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

The inspiration for this crate came from our experiments with different ‘costumes’ for the Jumping Robot using the blank body pieces. We thought the bunny was so cute that it would be fun to turn it into a mini kit and up the goofiness by adding wiggle eyes. They bounce while the bunny hops!

- KiwiCo Product Designer

By the numbers


jumping mechanism prototypes


battery pack placements tested


test hops



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    SO much fun! My grandson totally enjoyed constructing this and then messing around with it for days. Thank you!!!

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