Ages 12+
Ages 12+

Kinetic Light-Up Speaker


What you get

Make some noise with this light-up speaker — complete with foam balls that bounce to the beat! Assemble the base, then build the speaker’s circuit from scratch in order to connect the lights with the sounds. Get hands on with transistors, resistors, capacitors, and other key components — all while learning about the role each piece plays. Read all about the ins and outs of your speaker driver, get the lowdown on low-pass filters, then dive into other cool technologies (like laser lights!) that make sound visible. Ready to get movin’ and groovin’ with electronics?

• Includes everything you need to build a USB-powered speaker, including a screwdriver, wrench, and high-quality electronic parts. (USB power source not included.)

• Speaker features flashing lights and drivers that launch colorful foam balls into the air as music plays.

• Speaker connects wirelessly to play music from a phone or other device.

• 37-page instruction booklet explores the science behind speakers, circuitry, and as well as cool technologies that connect sights with sounds (like your speaker)!

• Experiment with different types of music (fast versus. slow, loud versus. soft) to discover what gives the best bounce.

• Finished speaker dimensions: 8.23 x 9.15 x 3.11 inches (20.9 x 23.2 x 7.9 cm)




From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

We didn’t originally set out to design a speaker that was as visual as it was vibin’. But during an early test run, we happened to scatter some beads on a speaker cone. It was so fun watching the beads dance around, we knew we had to make that a part of the project — but with colorful foam balls, of course. We added the tubes later . . . after the speaker sent the balls flying all over the place. (Oops.)
Behind the Design

By the numbers

Speaker cones tested: 14

Songs played during design and testing: 162

Foam balls sacrificed in the name of science: dozens!



9 reviews

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    May 17 2023

    It was fun, interesting and the speaker is very useful!


    May 4 2023

    By far, my son's favorite build! Definitely recommend this one!!!


    Apr 20 2023

    i liked that you can connect your phone/tablet to it.I think that you should make it have a bluetooth connection so i can play my music when i have my phone in my pocket.

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