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Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Alex and the Lemonade Stand Book Set


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Help make a difference with this deluxe crate and book set from Kiwi Crate and Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. For every Lemonade Stand crate sold, 25% of sales will be donated to ALSF to support the fight against pediatric cancer. You can help too! Build your own lemonade stand and give back.

Get ready to set up shop with your own lemonade stand accessories! Make your chalkboard shop sign and pair it with a DIY lemon eraser. Then, construct a cash register with a working calculator to play fun money games.

Read about the original stand started by four-year-old Alex Scott in the book Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand. Get inspired to join thousands of other supporters with your own lemonade stand and donate the proceeds in the enclosed envelope to receive an ALSF donation certificate.

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Sara B.
Aug 14 2018

The blackboard sign has been a huge hit! It sits on our kitchen table and nearly every day my daughter asks what size lemonade I'd like to buy! :) It has been great. The cash register is also amazing. She plays with it all the time and it's a great way to teach her about money and purchasing items! LOVE this crate! The lemon eraser is cute, but we've found that it doesn't work the greatest. Still, it's super cute.

Sarah M.
Aug 10 2018

This particular crate really inspired my child - so much so that he has been running a lemonade stand for charity. So far he's raised $115. Thank you.

John S.
Aug 9 2018

It came in two days after my daughter saw her first lemonade stand...she was SOOOOO excited. This got her excited about "playing shopping" and making change which required calculator and basic math skills. I loved it, thought it was a fantastic idea and kept her engaged even longer than most other crates. This one only lacked a project that had a layer of difficulty to create...but it really was a trade off for the fun and educational value