Ages 3+
Ages 3+

Butterfly Wings


What you get

Flutter away on a whimsical adventure with a set of vibrant and beautiful butterfly wings. With this costume craft kit for kids, personalize a butterfly costume with felt stickers and velvet ribbon before flying away!

Everything needed, from materials to illustrated directions, is included!





From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

We've found that creative confidence with costumes can really inspire confidence in storytelling, too. I have heard some very creative explanations about design choices from kids who tested this crate!

By the numbers

Times I've tested wing aerodynamics around the office: Dozens

Number of production runs: 4

Butterflies harmed in the making of this crate: 0



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Kendra W.
May 25 2021

This was a fun and easy project to do with my 3 year old. She loves her new Butterfly wing.

Gramela Pamela
Apr 16 2021

Our granddaughter loved the butterfly wings! She enjoyed decorating them, and fluttered about,wearing them. For the rest of the day.

Apr 3 2021

After decorating the butterfly and the tree, my granddaughter spent time making the butterfly "fly". She engaged in lots of imaginative play about the butterfly and its friends, the other animals. A great project for a child aged 31/2.