Ages 3+

Red Cape


Make your own one-of-a-kind superhero cape, and you'll be all set to save the world! Personalize the cape with felt stickers that show your super powers before flying away!

Why it’s awesome

  1. Customize your hero

    Create your own super-emblem and secret identity!

  2. Play pretend

    Have fun rescuing those in need or fighting off bad guys!

What’s included?

  • satin cape with adjustable closure 25 in (63 cm) long

  • 2 sticky felt sheets

  • 6 sticky felt shapes

  • step-by-step illustrated instructions

Topics explored

  1. Pretend play

  2. Art + design

  3. Creativity + invention

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26 reviews

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    This project was a hit. He was so proud of his little cape and jumped or sometimes flying into family rooms to give them a surprise lol. We had lots of fun doing this together!



    SO super. Super A and I went rogue with the design and added some more rays... She loves it. SO cool.

    GMa's image 1

    Amanda D


    This was such a fun project. Great quality and simple to do, but so very fun.

    Amanda D's image 1



    Great design and a lovely creative activity! I just wish it was made out of cotton instead of polyester.

    Grampy Brad


    This cape is a definite hit with our little 3-year old grand-daughter SUPERHERO! She flies around the house vanquishing all the villains-- and she loves to change the patterns and make it "hers". She wanted to wear it to Pre-K - but Mommy talked her out of it.... Amazing how much joy a little felt cloth and an imagination can bring...



    Great quality and so easy to do! I was really pleased with the finished product.

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