Ages 7+
Ages 7+

Light-Up Alien Spaceship Costume


What you get

Build a light-up UFO costume that you can wear, complete with a fun pair of alien glasses. This costume craft kit contains everything you need to craft a windshield, glowing windows, and cloth rocketfire — all while learning about rocket launches and scientists’ search for alien life. Get ready for blast-off!

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As seen on: Simplemost and KTLA

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6 reviews

Dec 9 2019

This was a great DIY costume to make with my son. We normally make his costumes from scratch/thrift but this was a really fun option. And on sale for $24.99, this cost less than materials for a normal DIY. My son was a bit young for the age range (4.5yo) so we made some size adjustments and the arm clearance was a bit limited, probably do to his be height. But it was really great and he had a lot of compliments. Love that it lights up!

Nov 7 2019

The build was definitely a shared build, but the end result was so much fun...

Oct 30 2018

My son was able to build his own costume and got tons of compliments. Many said it was the best costume they had ever seen! So much fun!