Ages 3+

Marble Run + Art Easel


Get creative with a convertible kid-sized easel with two ways to play! Explore engineering with the wood pegboard, complete with 35 marble run pieces to build all sorts of marble-ous machines. Then set up an artist's studio featuring a reversible artboard with built-in paint cups and art tray to help your imagination soar.

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Why it’s awesome

  1. Endless marble machines

    Place tracks and spinners anywhere for all-day play.

  2. Little artists, big ideas

    Two art panel sides, infinite room for imagination.

  3. Designed to grow

    Fun for little kids, big kids, and grownup kids.

What’s included?

  • easel

  • 4 legs

  • pegboard piece

  • art tray

  • reversible artboard

  • 2 cups

  • 10 bolts

  • 2 canvas bins

  • 10 marbles

  • 15 curved tracks

  • 10 straight tracks

  • 5 ball-drop pieces

  • 5 spinners

  • 3 crayons

  • illustrated instruction booklet

Topics explored

  1. Engineering

  2. Creativity

  3. Problem-solving

Additional details

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

The soft, rubbery track pieces are perfect for little hands to press into place. Then it's on to marble run fun!

- KiwiCo Product Designer

By the numbers


Track piece design iterations


3D printed parts


Materials tested



12 reviews



    Everyone in our family loves this Marble Run + Art Easel running from age 3 to age 40. We've created competitions with the Marble Run seeing who can create the fastest and slowest paths, we pictionary, hangman and much more!



    Gave my 2.5 yo this for Christmas and he is super into it… as am I. The bags don’t stay on to catch the marbles but it was easy to modify a cardboard box to store everything and keep them from shooting under the couch. Would buy again for sure overall.



    I bought this for my daughter's second birthday and she's been playing with it all day so far. It's adjustable and sturdy.



    Ooo this is a must buy. My little man is only 3 but we still get a lot out of it. It’s something that will grow with him. He will enjoy it more and more. He loves rolling down the marbles. I love that all the pieces are soft and easy for him to move and replace where he wants. I also love how we can use for his art projects. Only critique is that’s the bags that are placed at the bottom come off easily. When the marbles come rollo down into the bags the bag falls off almost immediately no matter how hard I press it in or where.



    Such a cool product! My 3.5 year old was so excited when we opened it and bounces from the ball run side to the chalk/white board all day. The only complaint I have is the rubber pegs on the cloth catch bags. They come out at the slightest agitation and it’s incredibly frustrating for my kiddo, who dislodges the bags with the slightest nudge, and for me, who has to constantly chase the runaway marbles.



    My daughter, age 2, received this for her 2nd birthday and LOVES THIS! We do as a whole family :) I love how she can explore, create, and see her work! So fun!

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