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Ages 3+

Medieval Fun


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Get inspired for an afternoon of pretend play with the Medieval crate. Build a catapult and launch pom-poms from it, put together a "dragon" that can transport your catapult, and construct a castle for a royal cast of characters!

Everything needed in this fantasy themed craft kit, from materials to illustrated directions, is included, along with imagine!, a bonus play & learn magazine for kids with additional activities and puzzles.

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Jun 29 2019

Loved the castle and the "fire breathing" dragon wagon. The entire crate was simple to assemble and took just the right amount of time for a 4 year olds attention span. My child loved decorating the dragon wagon with her own design and then using the catapult to launch things at the castle. The sceince aspect of the catapult is great as well!

Apr 17 2019

The castle, dragon wagon, and catapult were super fun to make and kept my son's attention for hours. I loved how the projects came together to make a cohesive play set. The entire crate makes the perfect setting for hours of make believe play time that I love to watch.

Feb 3 2019

The three projects had just the right level of dexterity required for my daughter to do it all herself. The catapult was a big hit, and she felt very proud to make something that "worked". Now there is a lot of experimentation surrounding what flies, how far, and why thanks to the catapult!