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Ages 5+

Microscope Exploration Set


Get a close up view with this kid-friendly science tool. Examine prepared slides of real biological specimens and find funny stuff in a micro-printed illustration. Collect your own samples and do experiments. With a light that shines from above or below, this microscope delivers an eye-opening look at anything you want.

Why it’s awesome

  1. Easy-zoom lens

    Get more or less magnification at the turn of a knob.

  2. Science beyond slides

    Examine anything you want, from buttons to bread to bubbles.

  3. Kid biologist tools

    Tweezers, a dropper, and petri dishes are perfect for experiments.

What’s included?

  • microscope with LED lights (AA battery included)

  • dropper

  • tweezers

  • 2 petri dishes with lids

  • 6 biological specimen slides

  • illustrated slide

  • 8 activity cards

  • illustrated instruction foldout

Topics explored

  1. Magnification

  2. Scientific observations

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

We tried making the eye piece soft and squishy, but that just made people want to smoosh their eye into it — which pushed the lens down and out of focus! To keep that from happening, we made the eye piece firm and unsquishable.

- KiwiCo Product Designer

By the numbers


Specimen slides


Itty-bitty animals hiding in the illustrated slide


Scavenger hunt items to find

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