Ages 3+

Mini Cake Decorating

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Discover decorating fun, minus the mess! Build a play cake (and explore simple fractions!) using foam cake slices. Then try real decorating techniques using a piping nozzle and special air-dry clay that looks and spreads just like actual frosting. Just let dry overnight and let the pretend tea parties begin!

Why it’s awesome

  1. Fake frosting, real fun

    Special clay acts like frosting and comes ready to decorate.

  2. Fancy designs

    Try frosting stars and swirls, then add decorations and confetti.

What’s included?

  • 8 foam cake slices

  • 2 foam rings

  • 2 piping nozzles

  • 3 decorating clay packs

  • each 1 oz (30 g)

  • 2 piping bags

  • foam confetti 0.01 oz (0.5 g)

  • 2 craft sticks

  • decorations sheet

  • mess mat

  • illustrated instruction sheet

Topics explored

  1. Cooking + math

  2. Art + design

  3. Pretend play



22 reviews

Customer images



    So much fun for my 4 yo. This was a hit.

    Paria’s mom


    My almost 4 year old daughter really enjoyed it.



    Very impressed with customer service. Our kit arrived with dry clay (whatever the frosting is made of) and they shipped those to us right away. My kids request these kits every birthday!

    Grandma G


    Although my granddaughter (3 years) loved this kit it was very difficult to spread the “icing” and clean-up was tough. Could have used much more icing. Great for child, not so much for grandma.



    Great kit for creative kid! Brought a few of these for a birthday party. The kids loved them (ages 3-4).



    We succeeded in making the thing and she had fun doing it. But there was no replay value, there needed to be more white, and an additional nib would have added a lot. It was so close.

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