Ages 7+

Moon Darts


Shoot for the moon with a pair of moon dart launchers! You’ll harness the power of pressurized air to build the squeeze-action launchers, and then practice your shooting with the felt moon board. (Because the launchers go around your hands, they’re easy to aim!) Try a solo challenge to hit all the different craters, or go head-to-head with a friend in a series of dart games. Then read about our magnificent Moon and what makes it so out of this world.



8 reviews



    My 7 year old girl was able to assemble this on her own while I'm at work which serves its intent perfectly, keeping her occupied during the school vacation. She loves the toy and had fun playing it. Only gripe is the glue isn't the most effective and on and off some parts came apart. Not a big issue though.



    My son who is 6 years old had a blast making this with me! We also have had a lot of fun play with it. Would definitely recommend.



    We have really enjoyed this. It was fun to put together a d fun to play.



    This was a great activity. My kids (7 & 9) put everything together themselves, and the whole family had fun playing with it. I only wish that there had been some educational reading to go along with it like there is in other KiwiCo products.



    My daughter loved these, and they seemed to contain the three things we like best about Kiwi crates; 1) building something unique, 2) learning about something (air pressure/ etc), and 3) a fun game



    We love Kiwi Co products! This kit wS super easy to put together and is easy to use! We Will continue to keep buying kits for our household as well as gifts!

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